What can you do during an in-home dental appointment?
  • baby's first dental appointment

  • regular cleanings and dental exams for all ages, including digital x-rays

  • prescription fluoride varnish

  • silver diamine fluoride treatments

  • sealants

  • SMART techniques

  • tooth colored fillings

  • extractions

  • non-surgical periodontal therapy

  • second opinions and referrals

  • tooth whitening

Do you accept patients without dental insurance? We do! SAHS uses a friendly fee structure, so that anyone who does not have dental insurance can receive the highest quality dental exam and cleaning. SAHS is not contractually obligated to any insurance company. Therefore, SAHS is able to provide a fee structure that enables many patients to continue receiving regular dental care.
​​Can I prevent early childhood cavities? Yes, early childhood cavities is 100% preventable. Keep cavity-causing bacteria away, and recognize other risk factors that often slip into daily life (sipping on juice here and there, snacks that promote cavities, and lack of fluoride toothpaste or alternative remineralizing pastes) to guide your child into a cavity-free adulthood.